Business Law

Business Law

Business Law Attorney Serving Erie, PA

Our areas of expertise include incorporation, limited liability companies, partnerships, sole proprietorships, and commercial litigation. While you may be able to handle a variety of business issues without the help of a lawyer, there are a number of things like getting sued, acquiring or selling businesses, and financial allocations that you will need the help of a professional business attorney to resolve. Thomas Kubinski has practiced business law for years, and has devoted a good portion of his practice to representing both corporate and local business entities. If your business requires legal representation, call Kubinski, Susko & Schonthaler and schedule a free consultation today!

Businesses need representation from a business law attorney. It is very individualized and tailored to the business itself. Having our experienced business law attorney by your side will give you peace of mind that everything is by the books and in accordance with all rules and regulations, both state and federal.
Business Law Attorney Erie, PA

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If you’re facing a daunting business deal or would like the professional opinion of a seasoned attorney, call Kubinski, Susko & Schonthaler today to schedule a free consultation. You’ll speak with attorney Kubinski, who will keep you informed throughout the process as well as educate you on it. He’s also skilled in dealing with contracts of all types.

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