Additional Services

Additional Services

Unemployment Compensation

If you have been laid off or terminated, it’s important to apply for unemployment compensation benefits right away. In Pennsylvania, in order to be eligible for unemployment, you must have earned at least $50 a week for the last 16 weeks. Unemployment benefits do not apply to those who quit their positions or were terminated for willful misconduct.

If you’re trying to navigate your way through this system, it could be very helpful to have an experienced attorney by your side. Kubinski, Susko & Schonthaler is experienced and here to help.


A contract lawyer can draft, negotiate, and execute legally-enforceable agreements like business contracts and independent contractor agreements, and can help when a breach of contract has occurred. If you are a small business owner, large corporation, or individual in need of a contract lawyer, call us today!

Civil Rights

Civil rights claims involve a very complicated area of law. Usually, there is a deprivation of a federal or statutory constitutional right by a governmental actor who is acting under color of state law. The victim of a civil rights violation can pursue remedies in state or federal court under Section 1983. Police misconduct cases (excessive force, false arrest, etc.) are typically filed pursuant to Section 1983, as are First Amendment, Due Process, and Equal Protection cases.

Section 1981 protects the rights to make and enforce contracts without discrimination based upon race ancestry or alienage (citizenship) including contracts at will.

Section 1982 secures to all citizens the right, enforceable against private as well as public defendants to inherit, purchase, lease, sell, hold, and convey real and personal property. If the plaintiff is the prevailing party in a federal civil rights lawsuit, he or she is entitled to seek recovery of attorney fees and costs as part of the recoverable damages. 

Attorney Susko has considerable experience in the area of Civil Rights Law and has successfully litigated claims in federal Court under Sections 1981, 1982, and 1983 for numerous clients.

Real Estate

We provide representation for the purchase, sale, and rental of real estate; financing and refinancing of real estate; examination of titles; boundary line disputes; oil, gas and minerals; quieting titles; and mortgage foreclosures. Attorney Kubinski handles real estate cases.
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